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How to plan and develop renewable energy hassle-free? Ask Rexplorer!

Despite the pandemic, Sunly’s startup Rexplorer has started at full speed. Rexplorer helps energy producers spot the land plots with the best renewable energy potential, including optimizing every stage of a project with geospatial analysis, SCADA, modeling, and visualizations. During the past months, Rexplorer has updated its land plot search tool, interviewed solar users and municipalities, hired talented interns, and launched a new website.

Project Rexplorer has been supported by Norway Grants „Green ICT“ programme“. The aim of the project is to develop a a platform that instantly analyses the natural conditions, costs, and restrictions for new solar and wind projects.

Rexplorer’s target groups are renewable energy developmers, land owners, local communities, municipalities, end-customers and technology providers.

The user-friendly and intuitive map application entails extensive data not only about the natural conditions, but also about various land-use restrictions in the Baltics and Scandinavia. This kind of application will enhance the effiency of renewable energy planning and development considerably. As an outcome of this innovation project, a fully functional product for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Finnish and Norgwegian markets is been developed.

Project implementation period 15th of Oct, 2020 – 15th of Oct, 2022

Amount of the grant: 386 000 euros 

Project partners and executers: Sunly OÜ, Rexplorer OÜ, Vardar AS 

Sunly OÜ is a renewable energy company that is active in the Baltics and surrounding markets. Sunly develops renewable energy projects and manages a renewable energy and electrification portfolio of start-ups.

Rexplorer OÜ is a consultancy firm that helps renewable energy producers minimize risks and optimize work with geospatial analysis, SCADA, modeling, and visualizations.

Vardar AS is a utility company investing in renewable energy production – hydropower, wind power and bio energy – in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics.

Project Manager: Ilya Bolkhovskiy, [email protected]

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The project is co-financed by the Enterprise Estonia as a part of an Estonian-Norwegian cooperation programme Green ICT.

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