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The year of 2022 was remarkable for Sunly with highlights such as:  

Production of solar energy (GWh) 

During 2022, the total capacity of Sunly’s operational solar parks increased from 34.3 MW to 52.5 MW. The parks generated 47 GWh of fossil-free energy. This equals to around 16 000 households’ annual electricity consumption.  

By producing solar power, we contributed in 2022 to avoiding more than 36 thousand Mt of CO2 equivalent emissions from being emitted. That’s the same amount of C02 that would be emitted by nearly 6,000 new Hondas taking a trip around the equator. 

Overall, 2022 was sunnier than the long-term average, especially in March, having a positive impact on production volumes and financial results. As is typical for solar energy, most of the production is generated from April to September. 

2022 financial highlights

222 MW

Operational and under construction solar capacity

200 mEUR

Raised capital

29.2 mEUR


Sunly 2022 Annual Report


Sunly 2021 Annual Report


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