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The year of 2021 was busy for Sunly across all categories. Raised capital, acquisition of the largest Polish solar power developer and construction company – Alseva, direct investments into electrification startups, and becoming officially an Independent Power Producer are the highlights of the year.

Operational and under construction solar capacity (MW), end of year

In the beginning of 2021, Sunly’s operational portfolio comprised of a 7 MW
small-scale solar projects’ portfolio in Poland.

In the first quarter we started construction of solar parks in Poland with a total capacity of 91 MW. The 31 MW portfolio’s projects should become operational during 2022 and the 60 MW project in 2023. The 60 MW project is one of the largest solar projects in Poland.

During the year, Sunly also finished the construction of 14 x 50 kW solar parks
in Estonia.

2021 financial highlights

131 MW

Operational and under construction solar capacity

28 mEUR

Raised capital

2.2 mEUR


Sunly 2021 Annual Report