Green innovation comes from Sunly

Sunly’s mission is to power a better and cleaner tomorrow. Our first and foremost priority is to make wind and solar power happen but we can not just rely on proven technologies and business cases. We also invest in early stage startups in the field we know well – electrification. This is how we play our role in
tackling climate change.

We target startups that aim to disrupt the way we do or think about renewable energy & storage, battery technology, IoT, energy enabling technology &
smart city applications. 

Working together with investors and industry mentors, we support startups to find business opportunities in a world that’s moving towards carbon neutrality.
At Sunly, we invest not only financial capital, but also our industry expertise & network giving green technology startups a springboard for success.

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Looking for an investor for your bright ideas?

Sunly is a pre-seed & seed investor of cleantech &
electrification startups.

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Our criteria for an investment

What excites us is a potent & unique team on a mission to solve a problem close to your heart. The excitement multiplies if your solution has received some validation from the market. 

If you have a dream

All great startups start with a great idea and passionate team. If you already have both, then we urge you to join the Beamline Accelerator supported by Sunly. Beamline gives you and your team tools for transforming the idea into a product or service that creates value for others and the environment. Apply to become the next gigacorn (unicorn saving 1 gigaton CO2 emissions per year).

If you have a product

So your startup is picking up steam and is ready for the next chapter? If your idea has already turned into a product or a service, has been tested and is ready for the next great leap, we at Sunly are here for you. With a ticket ranging from €100k-500k, we aim to shape your pre-seed round & contribute well to your seed round. 

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energiainnovatsiooni rasmus udde
Just like with startups, relying on your unique insights is key for investors. We at Sunly understand renewable energy, electrification & climate change. If you are working on an electrification startup that has a bold vision, we would love to hear about it! Rasmus Udde Innovation Lead

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