Harnessing energies & powering communities

We supply the Baltics and Poland with renewable energy. This means we create solar and wind parks that produce electricity in
an environmentally friendly way. Check out our projects!

We cooperate closely with landowners, local communities & authorities, grid operators and green energy investors.
Sunly is also a member of the Community Energy Cooperative in Estonia.

Besides developing renewable energy projects, we also manage a renewable energy and electrification portfolio of startups. Check out our strartups!

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about sunly

How it all started?

Sunly was established in 2019 by a synergic team of experts previously proven in the renewable energy sector.

By knowing the ins and outs of the sector, Sunly has quickly become a reputable developer of wind and solar parks and a changemaker in
the Baltics and Poland.

In 2022 we acquired one of the leading Polish solar power developer Alseva group, that is today part of Sunly’s international business, to drive the green transition in Poland even faster and with remarkable scale.

Synergic Success

Present in 4 countries, Sunly consists of experts with a long experience in renewables, research & development, operations, capital raising and financing. There is around 290 people with us today and we plan to grow our team to 400 people.

We believe that everyone and every action matters when moving towards a more sustainable community, which is why synergy between our team and, communities, innovators and investors is the key to our success.

Sunly works in collaboration with local landowners

Our Values




We respect and support each other​


We embrace challenges and contribute to Sunly’s growth with trust and accountability


We achieve goals and innovation
through personal growth ​

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