Led by innovators in 4 different countries

Priit Lepasepp

CEO & Founder

Lili Kirikal

CFO, Member of the Sunly Management Board

Erkki Kallas

Head of Development & Production, Member of the Sunly Management Board

Kerstin Kütt

General Counsel

Tadas Navickas

Managing Director in Lithuania & Poland

Toms Naburgs

Managing Director in Latvia

Hanno Liiva


value created by our dynamic developers

Artur Zachodni

COO in Poland

Łukasz Frydrych

Deputy COO in Poland

Siim Paist

Development Lead

Gints Buivids

Development Lead in Latvia

Justina Bucevičienė

Head of Development in Lithuania

Tuuliki Kasonen

Project Manager in Estonia & Marketing Lead

Darius Pratusevičius

Project Manager in Lithuania

Akvilė Burokienė

Project Manager in Lithuania

Taavi Velleste

Sunly City Sales Lead

Klaus Pilar

Head of Onshore Wind in Estonia

Marek Sakk

Project Manager in Estonia

Hanna Peeters

Project Manager in Estonia

Holger Kroon

Project Manager in Estonia

Mirko Nõmmsalu

Project Manager in Estonia

Urtė Daškevičiūtė

Project Manager in Lithuania

Inga Šaicāne

Project Manager in Latvia

Mariann Sulg

Land Manager in Estonia

Janar Alamäe

Environmental Expert

Ingrid-Helena Ilus

Energy Market Specialist

Inga Kondratenko

Junior Project Manager in Latvia

Adam Erki Enok

Energy Storage Project Manager

Liene Goba

Wind Project manager in Latvia

Michał Fresel

Technical Specialist in Poland

Ksenia Zahharenkova

Business Innovation Analyst

supported by our energetic & devoted team

Mari Sepp

Community Leader

energiainnovatsiooni rasmus udde

Rasmus Udde

Innovation Lead

Laura Roomets


Uku-Kaarel Vorm

Senior Analyst

Siim Aksel Amer

Financial Analyst

Anneli Eero

Group Chief Accountant

Veroonika Mardi

Chief Accountant

Tatjana Kuznecova

Group Financial Controller

Gedvidas Belickas

CFO in Lithuania

Mari Teder

Legal Counsel

Robin Luts

Legal Counsel

Aleksandra Krivoglazova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anna Marcinek

Administrative and Legal Specialist in Poland

Peeter Raudsik

Head of Regulatory & Community Relations

Piret Loomets

Project Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Kristiina Esop

ESG Lead

Epp Mänd

People Operations Specialist

Taavi Sarnet

Data Management Lead

Siim Suitslepp

SCADA Developer

Beata Wojcieszek

Administration Specialist in Poland

Ewa Szewczyk

PV Plants Controller in Poland

Radosław Zielnik

Treasury Manager in Poland

Hanna Liis Kell

Financial Analyst



Head of Sunshine

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