State supports implementation of Sunly’s energy storage pilot projects

Estonian Environmental Investment Center (KIK) financed ten energy storage pilot projects with 5.2 million euros, including 4 projects of Sunly’s.

Sunly projects that received the support were:  

  1. Aidu project located in Vahi village, Tartu County (360,000 euros) 
  2. Metsaviha project in Laukna village, Raplamaa County (288,000 euros) 
  3. Normi ​​project in Aidu village, Jõgeva County (360,000 euros)  
  4. Kasepargi project in Vägari village, Jõgeva County (216,000 euros).  

Pilot projects create the capacity to store renewable electricity and send it to the grid in a controlled manner.

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