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Sunly’s Roots: Powering Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow – Our Commitment to Cleantech Forum Europe 2023

In the dynamic landscape of clean technology, the Cleantech Forum stands as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration, bringing together visionaries, investors, and industry leaders. This year, Sunly proudly announces its golden sponsorship of the 2023 Cleantech Forum Europe, set to take place in Tallinn, Estonia, from November 14 to 16. 

The Genesis of Sunly: From San Francisco to Tallinn 

Sunly’s journey began with a transformative experience at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco in 2019. Founder Priit Lepasepp, alongside Erki Ani, Cleantech Estonia co-founder, discovered a wealth of inspiration and motivation at the event. It became a pivotal moment that shaped Sunly’s genesis, setting the stage for their commitment to innovation in the clean energy sector. 

Priit Lepasepp reflects on the founding principles of Sunly, stating, “When starting Sunly, we had a belief that the biggest utilities were not born yet. We hope that it is Sunly, and on the off chance that there are more, we invest in them as well.” 

This belief forms the cornerstone of our mission, and we dedicate 5% of Sunly’s funds to support start-ups in renewable energy, electrification, and storage. Currently, 9.25 million euros are invested in 16 start-ups, showcasing Sunly’s commitment to fostering ground-breaking solutions. 

Cleantech Forum Europe: A Confluence of Innovation 

Established in 2002 and headquartered in San Francisco, Cleantech Group has been at the forefront of uniting influential leaders in the clean technology sector. The Cleantech Forum Europe, since its inception in 2005, has provided a platform for start-ups, investors, and industry giants to converge and drive sustainable innovation. 

The forum aims to convene an international conference focused exclusively on cleantech innovation in Europe, fostering collaborations, and showcasing innovations relevant to the region. Sunly’s role as a golden sponsor aligns with our commitment to contribute to the conversation on the relevance of cleantech innovation in addressing climate change and the green transition. 

Sunly’s mission: powering a better and cleaner tomorrow 

Sunly’s primary mission is to facilitate a cleaner and better future. While our focus is on making wind and solar power a reality, we recognise the importance of investing in early-stage start-ups. Sunly targets start-ups disrupting the renewable energy landscape, battery technology, IoT, energy-enabling technology, and smart city applications. 

By investing not only financial capital but also providing industry expertise and a vast network, we empower green technology start-ups to thrive. The collaboration with investors and industry mentors creates a springboard for success, propelling these start-ups towards business opportunities in a world striving for carbon neutrality. 

As Sunly’s Innovation Lead Rasmus Udde takes center stage at the Cleantech Forum Europe 2023, moderating „Capital Strategies for Scaling Cleantech“ panel, we underscore our dedication to driving meaningful change and contributing to a sustainable and greener tomorrow. “Start-ups need capital to grow. Cleantechs need even more capital and it needs to come earlier. Cleantech Forum is exactly the place where these questions are posed and tackled,” Rasmus noted. 

Together with the Cleantech Forum, we are forging the path towards a net-zero future, showcasing the power of innovation in tackling the global challenges of climate change. 

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