Sunly Launches the Largest Solar Battery Hybrid Park in Estonia

The newly opened Pikkori solar park situated in Kilingi-Nõmme, Southern Estonia, comes equipped with a 2 MWh storage battery capable of meeting the electricity needs of all 1500 residents for over an hour. 

Pikkori is the largest energy storage solar park in Estonia, featuring a 2 MWh Huawei battery at its core. The solar park strategically positions its solar panels to face both east and west, meaning electricity is generated over a longer period of time compared to south-facing parks. In the future, Sunly plans to add energy storage to other power plants in Estonia, the Baltics and Poland. 

Priit Lepasepp, founder and CEO of Sunly explained that developing energy storage for solar and wind parks is a crucial direction for Sunly today. “The unique approach of this project optimizes the use of solar energy. The integrated battery energy storage system significantly increases the availability of electricity, providing power to the grid even when the sun is not shining,” emphasized Lepasepp. 

Alar Heikla, Deputy Country Manager at Huawei Technologies Estonia stated that Huawei is honored to be given this opportunity to continue working together with Sunly to build innovative solutions for projects like Pikkori which uses Huawei’s energy storage FusionSolar 2MWh ESS Big Energy Storage product. “With the renewal and expansion of our cooperation, we hope to develop meaningful and world-class solutions to reduce carbon footprints and to provide advanced technologies as part of our commitment to the sustainability agenda,” said Heikla. 

The solar park is built on marshy ground that would otherwise be challenging to find a use for, contributing to land reclamation within the community. The solar park was constructed considering the needs and values of the community by Sunly and Metsagrupp’s joint venture, Metsapäike 2 LLC.