rasmus udde solaride

Sunly supports construction of the next-generation solar car in Baltic States

Sunly joins forces with Solaride, an educational project building the next-generation solar car in the Baltics and growing future talents. Sunly replenished the ranks of Solaride’s sponsors to contribute to the engineering popularization, ensuring the aftergrowth of engineers. This is done in the name of a greener future. 

Sunly believes that big dreams start with a good idea and a truly dedicated team. Solaride perfectly represents these values. This is the organization where young players gather around the futuristic idea with not only the objective of testing their skills and knowledge, but also of addressing challenges that future may bring. 

We dream that Estonia will become a green country that exports products with a great impact on improving the world. It requires many good engineers to build and manage these smart solutions. We decided to become Solaride’s sponsor, because who else could instil the passion of engineering in young people better than the first solar car creators in the Baltics,” commented Rasmus Udde, Innovation Lead of Sunly. 

Solaride was born in 2020 from the desire of two students from the University of Tartu to build the first solar car in the Baltics. Today, it has grown into an interdisciplinary educational and cooperation project, whose main focus is the development of future talents and the popularization of technology education. 

Similar to Sunly, the Solaride team also cares about environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and sustainability. The attitude of “give a damn” is applied in their daily activities, so that Estonia would be a great place to live even decades from now. 

Sunly joining with the Solaride community is a very big deal for us. Financial support is undoubtedly very important, but what makes us especially happy is the involvement of organization, which has an excellent team and acts as a very strong green technology promoter in Estonia,” said Solaride CEO Kristel Leif

More than 300 high school & university students, mentors, trainers and cooperation partners are involved with Solaride.