Ukraina lasteaed sunly solarstone

Sunly ja Solarstone support a kindergarten in Ukraine with an energy security solution

Estonian companies Solarstone and Sunly have donated solar panels and a battery bank to the kindergarten in the city of Ovruch, Ukraine, to reduce maintenance costs and allow the school to continue its daily operation with minimal disruption.

The newly signed cooperation agreement between the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV), Solarstone, and Sunly, confirms that a 20kW solar energy system, including corresponding batteries, will be installed at the Ovruch kindergarten. These solar power resources will be sustainable and environmentally friendly, enabling the kindergarten to save on electricity costs and ensure that the school will have energy access even in the event of a power outage.

The kindergarten, a project of Estonian development cooperation, is set to open its doors on June 1, 2023. “All necessary paperwork is in order, and construction is on schedule. We are confident that, in 100 days’ time, we will open the kindergarten’s front door and welcome 80 children into their four new classrooms,” said Tarmo Needo, Manager of Infrastructure Development Projects in Ukraine.

Building Back Better and Greener

For the kindergarten, as with all other construction projects in Ukraine, it is important that we offer modern and smart solutions that are energy-efficient, durable, and environment-friendly,” explained Tiit Riisalo, Executive Director of ESTDEV. “This is a good example of how the innovative solutions of Estonian companies can reach Ukraine through development cooperation, and offers inspiration for the restoration of other buildings.

Estonian companies must begin reconstruction projects now so that the ongoing reconstruction of Ukraine will be based on the best-known modern practices and solutions. “For Ukrainian children, the world has changed beyond recognition. They often have to study in inhumane conditions while their parents are at war,” stated Priit Lepasepp, founder and CEO of Sunly. “We at Sunly are contributing today because we know that a rebuilt Ukraine will look differently from before the war broke out, and we want to be a part of that.”

As a global community, we should support those facing tough times by offering our best help. We’re proud to stand with the people of Ukraine, who have been through a lot. Despite their struggles, they remain strong and resilient. We’re honoured to play a small role in supporting them, and we believe that even the smallest efforts can contribute to building a better future for everyone,” added Janari Võrk, Communications Manager at Solarstone.

The Largest Public-Private Cooperation Yet

The construction of a kindergarten in the Zhytomyr region is the first large-scale Estonian development project in which the public and private sectors have worked together toward a common goal. Our private partners are:

  • Harmet OÜ, which won a state tender worth €1.7 million to construct and deliver the modules that make up the kindergarten.
  • Nordecon AS and its Ukrainian subsidiary Eurocon Ukraine TOV, secured a €780,000 public tender to carry out the main contract for construction.
  • Kumer Saag OÜ produced relevant furniture, a tender worth €59,510.
  • Metos AS provides the equipment for and installation of the kindergarten’s kitchen and secured a €33,289 tender for this effort.

In addition, several companies have offered their products and services free of charge. Tiit Sild’s Architecture Firm Sport OÜ created workable blueprints for the kindergarten, and Primostar OÜ supplied waterproofing materials for an underground bomb shelter. This project is also supported by Kitman Thulema AS and Eesti Puitmajaliit.

To bring the Ovruch kindergarten to completion, ESTDEV also works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, which contributed €66,000 to purchase furniture and media technology for the classrooms.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia has allocated €2.7 million to ESTDEV to manage the first stage of construction of the kindergarten.