Iecava sunly latvia pv Skanuļi

Sunly has commenced generating electricity in Latvia

At the end of the January 2024, the solar power plant named “Skanuļi” in the Iecava district began producing electricity, marking Sunly’s inaugural venture in the Latvian market. The estimated annual production capacity of the plant is 4.3 GWh. Additionally, this year will mark an operational status for couple of other Sunly developed solar parks in Latvia – one more in Bauskas municipalicty, one in Barkava parish, one in Jelgava municipalicy another two near Liepaja and Aluksne city.

As spring boasts the highest productivity for solar energy generation, we are delighted that all planned deadlines were met prior to this period. Collaborating closely with our local partners, SIA ‘Kvēle,’ we have facilitated a smooth process, for which we are grateful. From a technical standpoint, ‘Sadales tīkls AS’ has accepted the park and issued a permit for energy generation into the grid. Furthermore, the successful completion of the 72-hour voltage quality control test, along with laboratory results meeting the required standards, provides further validation of the project’s technical viability. Presently, a similar process is underway with other solar parks,” emphasised Aleksandrs Jakušenkovs, Sunly’s Technical Director in Latvia.

Establishing renewable energy projects, including solar parks, is a time-consuming process. Beyond technical considerations, successful collaboration with stakeholders such as landowners and local authorities is crucial. In Bauska municipality this cooperation has been good. In Iecava, for instance, we intend to deepen our collaboration with neighbouring beekeepers and host joint event while designing the park’s surroundings to be ‘bee friendly.’ Bauska enjoys ample sunlight and possesses ideal conditions for solar park development. We also appreciate the interest shown by the local newspaper ‘Bauskas Dzīve’ in our projects,” added Toms Nāburgs, Sunly’s Country Manager for Latvia.