Sunly Metsagrupp 244 MW PV

Sunly and Metsagrupp are constructing the largest 244 MW solar park in the Baltics 

Risti 244 MW solar park is the first stage of the larger energy park constructed in the region by Sunly and Metsagrupp. Construction of the park will start in the second quarter of this year, with an expected completion time in early 2026.  

The 244 MW solar park, consisting of nearly 350,000 solar panels, can cover the annual electricity consumption of 55,000 households. Innovative solar trackers enhance the park’s productivity, while its favorable location and technical solutions make Risti solar park a highly efficient power station. When completed, Risti solar park will be the largest solar park in the Baltics.  

According to Klaus Pilar, Country Manager of Sunly Estonia, Sunly and Metsagrupp view the Risti solar park as part of a larger plan. “For us, this is the first major example of a hybrid park project where different types of electricity generation and storage are located behind the same connection point.” Pilar explained that in the case of the Risti park, it is deemed expedient to start with the construction of a solar park; for future Sunly energy parks, a wind park will most likely be built first, followed by other options to boost production and for storage. 

The development of the Risti solar park was done with close cooperation with the communities. Sunly will contribute a portion of the revenue from the solar park to the budget of Risti sub-municipality, thereby supporting the development of the region. For example, at a rate of 50 euros per MWh, the fee would be approximately 75,000 euros per year. Upon the completion of the entire energy park, Sunly will offer the community more affordable electricity. 

According to Janno Randmaa, the mayor of Lääne-Nigula municipality, the solar park creates an opportunity for more affordable adoption of renewable energy in the region and provides companies located there or wishing to come there with the opportunity to produce more affordably and environmentally friendly. 

Rein Kruusmaa, mayor of the Risti sub-municipality, highlighted the excellent cooperation with Sunly and Metsagrupp during the preparation process for the construction phase. “Through meaningful discussions, we found ways to mitigate various impacts for the residents of Risti and reached agreements that will support the people living in the municipality in the future,” added Kruusmaa. 

To maximize energy production, great emphasis has been placed on technological innovation during the planning process of the Risti solar park. The solar trackers adjust panels according to the direction of the sun, ensuring better productivity during morning and evening hours when electricity consumption is higher. 

Construction of Risti solar park will begin in the second quarter of 2024. In the first stage, the panels and necessary components for building the park will be ordered. In the second stage, work on the substation will begin. The expected completion time for the Risti solar park is in the first half of 2026. The cost of the solar park, being built by Sunly and Metsagrupp, is nearly 120 million euros.