For landowners

Earn income from wind turbines or solar panels on your land!

Land plot is needed to construct a solar or wind farm. As a landowner, you may lease or sell your land to a developer. Cooperation agreements can be structured in many ways, including:

  • fixed payments based on hectares, wind turbines or megawatt capacity;
  • payments based on a percent of revenue;
  • ownership sharing where your investment to the solar or wind project is your land and you get shares of the projects in return.

Contracts may include a combination of these payment options. For example, a landowner may receive a fixed payment per hectare along with a share of the revenue from each turbine.

The lease term can be 30, 50 or 99 years and usually there are no restrictions to use the land for farming, so you can still graze the animals or grow crops on your land.

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We develop solar & wind parks which we operate ourselves. Thus, long term good cooperation with landowners is a priority for us. We strive to create the highest value for both sides, so open and honest communication is the key for us. Klaus Pilar Eesti Maajuht

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