Approach to Environment

Approach to Environment

Sunly is developing a large portfolio of solar and wind parks in the Baltics and Poland, as well as 500 MW pumped-hydro energy storage in Estonia. Even partial realization of this pipeline significantly improves energy security and affordability in our region.  

Sunly manages the environmental impacts of its projects in close cooperation with environmental specialists. Environmental protection and responsible land management, including biodiversity, are considered carefully, starting already from the land selection phase. 

During 2022, the total capacity of Sunly’s operational solar parks increased from 34 MW to 52.5 MW. The parks generated 47.24 GWh of fossil-free energy which avoided more than 36 028 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions from being emitted.

Sunly is taking active steps towards solar panel recycling by cooperating with Biosystem Elektrorecykling in Poland. We are also a member of the organization EES-Ringlus, where our aim is to contribute in establishing a recycling system of solar panels in Estonia.