Lili Kirikal best CFO

Sunly’s Lili Kirikal was chosen as the best CFO in Estonia

Lili Kirikal has won the title of Most Influential CFO of the Year at the Pärnu Financial Conference held in Estonia.

Lili’s leadership was highlighted as a special achievement by the judges who were unanimous in their decision. Thanks to the large-scale capital investments acquisitions, Sunly’s growth last year was exponential, helping us raise 200 million euros compared to 28 million the year before in 2021. The team already is planning for even larger fundraisings.

Last year, Sunly also acquired Alseva, a Polish developer and builder of solar parks. “It’s the teamwork that’s helped us to achieve so much in two years. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to raise €200 million, while selecting the best possible investors, acquiring Alseva, a Polish company several times the size of Sunly, and growing the team by leaps and bounds,” said Lili.

The Sunly team couldn’t be prouder for Lili’s contributions to the renewable energy field and the achievement being recognised!

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