How Sunly’s startups could solve YOUR problem?  

The story of a startup begins with a problem that is close to the founders’ heart. Markus had issues with transportation, so Bolt was born. Kristo & Taavet had problems with international money transfers, so Wise was born. Sunly has brought together people who know how to solve problems using green technology. See how they do it!

Problem: With a global electrification of many sectors an energy storage has become a touchy subject, especially in the applications (e.g., automotive) which require many rapid charge/discharge cycles. The instantaneous energy release couldn’t be provided by traditional energy batteries.  

Solution: Skeleton technologies introduces graphene-based ultracapacitors which allow instantaneously charge and discharge, providing the appliance with the necessary energy.  

Problem: More and more people are abandoning cars in favour of fuel free and sustainable bicycles or electric bicycles. However, there was lacking a system that would connect a bicycle with its rider and provide them with more awareness about the vehicle.  

Solution: Comodule connects light electric vehicles to the internet to enable new mobility services, such as anti – theft protection, trip analytics, destination navigation tools and many others.  

Problem: Those enthusiasts who want to install solar panels on their roofs, must consider many factors, such as the elevated costs of mounting structures, the significant weight solar panels, an esthetical aspect etc. Often happens that these disadvantages outweigh the advantages, resulting in the option of not proceeding with the installation at all.   

Solution: Solarstone solves this problem by creating Building Integrated PV panels that perform as roofing material. As a result, a customer gets 2-in-1 product: roof that offers traditional protection while generating free solar energy!  

Problem: The number of people who want to rent a car for a couple of hours in the most hassle-free way in increasing. Even better if it could be a cool car, combining the visual and environmental aspects. However, the rental process is still “hassle-rich” and environmentally “unfriendly”?! 

Solution: Beast solves this problem by introduction of a minute-based car rental process with no paperwork, no keys, and no hidden fees. Oh, nearly forgot – the rental flew is fully composed from Tesla cars – cool and environmentally friendly – all as you wished. 🙂

Problem: The big and heavy deliveries within the city is extremely slow and “dirty”, conditioned by usage of cars which cannot escape from frequent city-specific traffic jam while creating lots of emissions. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the bicycles do not have enough capacity to transport bigger parcels. 

Solution: Vok Bikes introduced a rental of cargo bicycles which are big enough to transport big & bulky goods and small enough to make the shortcuts in the narrowest streets of the city centre. Oh, and it is electric! 🙂

Problem: The electrical vehicles charging can be a real headache for its owners, especially considering the crazy electricity prices we are facing today. The user wants to avoid charging the car at the hours when the prices are high without wasting time on constantly monitoring the electricity wholesale prices. 

Solution: Gridio develops a solution that allows to charge a car when electricity is not only the cheapest, but also the greenest! 🙂

Problem: Industries emit lots of harmful CO2 emissions and there is no way to avoid it in a large scale.  

Solution: UP Catalyst overcomes this problem by using CO2 as a source material to produce sustainable materials such as graphite, graphene, and carbon nanomaterials, which are widely used, for instance, in the electric vehicles’ batteries. Seems that there is no need any more to tremble from fear when hearing about CO2. 🙂

Problem: The floor heating owners notice that with constantly growing electricity prices the floor heating is becoming unaffordable luxury. There is need to upgrade the system with a solution that will reduce the energy consumption (and of course, the associated CO2 emissions), while maintaining the comfort levels.  

Solution: Themo created the first digital thermostat which considers real time electricity prices and weather conditions. It optimizes the whole system which results in a 32% lower energy invoice!  

Problem: The importance of hydrogen is growing exponentially worldwide because of its energy generating potential. The industrial hydrogen producers are constrained because of prices of noble materials like platinum which play a critical role in separating hydrogen from water. 

Solution: Naco Technologies creates new materials that replace the need for platinum and other expensive materials in the production and usage of hydrogen at a massive scale! Affordable H2 for everybody! 🙂

Problem: Estonia does not have high mountains necessary for hydro power plants construction. In addition to that, due to the absence of deposits, all the granite used in the construction sector must be imported from outside of our country.  

Solution: Energiasalv creates a hybrid business model by introducing a zero-terrain technology – where the heights difference necessary for energy generation & storage is developed below the surface (600m deep) and the material excavated from the drilled holes happens to be a high-quality granite that can be used for construction purposes. Again, 2 birds killed with one stone.  

Problem: The solar parks require lots of space. The debates regarding its occupation of valuable agricultural lands are becoming more frequent. Moreover, these large solar parks are typically located far from consumption centres, which implies high distribution losses. 

Solution: HelioRec proposes to install the solar panels on the waterbodies’ surfaces near the tightly inhabited areas – so there is no grounds for debates since the waterbodies offer lots of space for panels which, by the way, are located close to the consumption!  

Problem: Before installing solar panels on a roof or land is very important to know if the selected site is suitable for that – solar power potential, different types of restrictions etc must be taken into consideration first. This initial step is crucial to be analysed with scrutiny, but how, where? 

Solution: Rexplorer develops a platform that in the matter of seconds allows you to get all the answers by simply inserting an address or a cadastral number. Easy-peasy. 🙂

Problem: The heating, cooling and a proper ventilation of the indoor spaces is important for the human’s health. Unfortunately, all these 3 elements are quite energy demanding activities, which result in a high energy invoice, big CO2 emissions and low efficiency.  

Solution: Sol Navitas develops a smart ventilation system composed of autonomous supplemental heating and ventilation unit that operates with a solar panel that is placed outside on the wall building. As a result, a fresh & cool/warm air is guaranteed!  

Problem: Solar panels produce energy type called “Direct Current”. Then an inverter transforms it into another type called “Alternating Current” to be compliant with power grid. Later, it is transformed again to “Direct Current” to be compatible with home electric appliances that are going to consume this energy. The whole back-and-forths transformation process is accompanied with energy losses of up to 30%. 

Solution: Ubik Solutions creates a device which forwards raw “Direct Current” energy produced by solar panels directly to the “Direct Current” domestic appliances, without any need for transformations!  

Do these startups sound interesting? Well… We are sure they are hiring.  

Up to now Sunly has invested in 14 startups. Do you feel like your problem in electrification and cleantech is one worth solving? Then reach out to us to become startup #15 ;).