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News from Rexplorer: One-click Solar Calculator – a novelty from Rexplorer  

News from Rexplorer! Is my roof suitable for solar panels installation? How many should I install? How much of energy will they produce? The list of questions that arise when you opt for installing solar panels is simply endless! RexplorerSunly’s spin-off company, has launched a new tool that in seconds will give you all the information you need to become a renewable energy producer!  

What has Rexplorer been doing so far … 

Rexplorer has already been offering for some time detailed reports with the information about a desired land plot / roof and whether it is suitable for solar energy production and in what scale. This initial step should not be underestimated – you need to take into consideration possible constraints and limitations that apply for renewable energy, and the sooner you identify them, the quicker you bring your project to life.  

Rexplorer quickly analyses hundreds of layers of the environmental and infrastructural data from public and private sources, energy operators, sensors and satellites, and combines with its own modelling algorithms. As a result, you get a solar potential report with valuable feedback from an energy expert. Currently the services are available in Estonia, and very soon in Latvia and Poland.  

In addition to that, Rexplorer monitors over 50 parks in Estonia and Poland helping its customers understand if their assets operate optimally and produce the expected amount of energy, and recommends relevant actions.  

…Moving to one-click Solar Calculator 

Now Rexplorer has launched a tool that will make things even easier. 

Partial presentation of report 

Let’s say you want to install solar panels but do not know where to start. With Rexplorer, all you need is just to enter your address or a cadastre number and then get all the necessary information in a matter of second. There is no need to search and contact different solar companies – getting a quote from a recommended installer will just take another click, and your journey begins! 

The solar calculator is also suitable for energy communities 

Rexplorer participates also actively in helping the first energy communities in our country to get started. The first steps are already being done – thanks to the partnership with the first Estonian Energy Community Association – Energiaühistu. While Rexplorer is helping to find the best places for the future community solar parks, Energiaühistu is taking care of the community members and local municipalities’ engagement.  

The CEO of Rexplorer, Ilya Bolkhovsky considers citizens as a significant contributor for the energy sector decarbonization: “Renewable energy communities will play one of the key roles in the green turn. It’s estimated that almost half of all energy in the EU will be produced by the citizens and communities by 2050! Today not everyone can afford investing tens of thousands of euros into a solar park, but everyone can be a part the community energy. And this is the key to success in a long-term perspective” – states Ilya recommending to the communities’ leaders to try out the new calculator.  

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