Why is Pikkori PV Park so Innovative?

In the world of renewable energy, innovation is the name of the game, and Sunly is once again excited to be a frontrunner with our latest ground-breaking project. As we look to the horizon of sustainable energy solutions, we’re proud to announce the finishing of Estonia’s first MW-scale hybrid solar park with a battery energy storage system. 

Estonia’s Energy Trailblazer

Sunly has always had a penchant for being at the forefront of innovation, and this project is no exception. The heart of this ground-breaking BESS system is a cutting-edge 2 MWh Huawei battery, integrated with the PV plant, designed to harness the power of the sun in a whole new way. 

Day and Night Energy Optimisation

What sets this project apart is its ability to make the most of every moment of the day. While the sun is shining, the solar panels strategically face both east and west, capturing the morning and evening high electricity prices. At noon, when typical south-facing solar parks start maximum production, the energy price drops, and this is when the Pikkori battery will charge itself, thus allowing us to sell the energy at peak time when the sun sets. But the ingenuity doesn’t stop there; the battery also capitalises on the lower electricity prices at night to charge up again for the morning peak. It’s a system that works double-time to ensure efficient energy production. 

Creating New Opportunities

Beyond its impressive energy output, this project is charting new territory by being the first megawatt-scale battery to offer system services in Estonia.

Largest Hybrid PV Park

Pikkori holds a 2.3 MW Sunly PV park, our largest completed project in Estonia. It’s a powerhouse of clean energy production. 

Challenging Terrain

The solar park is built on boggy ground that would otherwise be difficult to find a use for. This will also contribute to land appreciation in the community. The park has been built taking into account the needs and values of the community by Metsapäike 2 OÜ – a joint venture of Sunly and Metsagrupp. 

The Power of Storage

The 2 MWh battery has already started trading on the power market. This much storage capacity could charge 20 Tesla cars or provide a single household with electricity for an entire four-month-long, cold Estonian winter. 

As Sunly forges ahead, pioneering new solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the renewable energy landscape, we are committed to a sustainable future. These projects are more than just power plants; they’re a testament to the potential of innovation in the pursuit of clean, green energy for all. In the future, we also plan to add storage to other power plants in Estonia, the Baltics and Poland.