Metsagrupp starts to develop wind power in cooperation with Sunly

OÜ Metsagrupp, one of the largest landowners in Estonia, established together with Sunly a cooperation company SW Metsatuul OÜ. The purpose of the company is the development of wind energy in Estonia. Metsatuul means forest wind in Estonian. 

SW Metsatuul’s development projects are in an early stage, but a total of approximately 80 wind turbines are planned. The specific locations of wind farms depend on cooperation with local governments and communities and take into account nature and defense-related restrictions.

We have always considered it important to manage our forests as efficiently as possible. The development of wind farms will enable the diversification of land use and bring greater benefits to the entire community. Therefore, we would like to investigate whether and under what conditions it is possible to build wind farms on our lands, especially in Saarde, Pärnu, Tori, and Põhja-Pärnumaa rural municipalities,” commented Urmas Rahnel, Member of the Management Board of Metsagrupp. 

Urmas Rahnel added that since Metsagrupp has no previous experience in wind energy, the development possibilities are being studied in cooperation with Sunly’s renewable energy specialists. Sunly has the longest experience in developing and operating wind farms in Estonia.

Climate change is currently a very hot topic. To make green transition happen we need among other things also land and the know-how of wind energy and its technology. Sunly works with landowners so they can use our skills and knowledge but also to upgrade the land itself,” commented Priit Lepasepp, Sunly’s CEO and co-founder. Lepasepp added that landowners who want to develop renewable energy should be acknowledged. The green turn does not take place in the corridors of the parliament or in the mines of Ida-Virumaa. The communities all over Estonia should do that in cooperation instead.

OÜ Metsagrupp is a company based on Estonian capital, which has been managing forests for 25 years. They operate sustainably and all the company’s forests are certified.