Landowners & Sunly founded joint ventures to develop renewable energy

The energy company Sunly, together with landowners based on Estonian capital, established three joint ventures with the intention of developing wind energy in Estonia. This is a continuation of the first similar joint undertaking in October of last year. The portfolio of four renewable energy development companies includes wind energy projects for 670 MW, planned mostly in Western and North-Eastern Estonia.  
The names of the joint ventures between landowners – Multiland OÜ, OÜ Metsakohin, Osaühing Traperii, Osaühing Metsagrupp and Sunly Land AS are accordingly SW Multituul OÜ, SW Tuulekohin OÜ, SW Tuulerii OÜ and SW Metsatuul OÜ.  

The reason why we established this cooperation with four large landowners is that there seems to be lack of land where wind farms can be built and that are necessary for the implementation of Green Deal in Estonia. In addition to energy competence, there is also a need for on-site know-how of how wind farms can be developed taken into consideration also other uses of land. There is a synergy between local knowledge and the lengthy experience of developing and implementing wind power projects in the four joint ventures,” commented Priit Lepasepp, the CEO and founder of Sunly.   

Multiland OÜ

We need nature, but nature does not need us. If we, as humanity, want to consume the benefits of nature, we must do so thoughtfully and in balance with nature. We are ready to investigate whether and where wind energy can be used on our 5,000 hectares. We see that in collaboration with Sunly we can contribute to more environmentally friendly renewable energy production,” told Siim Tomson, the head of Multiland OÜ. Multiland OÜ belongs to Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), the investment company of Skype’ creators.  

Metsakohin OÜ

Tanel Tuuleveski, Member of the Board of Metsakohin, has been operating in forestry for more than 20 years, manages almost 3,500 hectares of forest land and sees there is enough space for wind turbines. “We see great potential in the development of wind energy on our land plots, so we have been looking for a good partner to work with in this field. After negotiations with several developers, we chose Sunly to be our partner because their team and investors have significant experience in wind energy development and operations,” spoke Tanel Tuuleveski.  

Traperii OÜ

OÜ Traperii deals with the purchase of forest lands and their further management and administration all over Estonia, but especially on the islands and in Western Estonia. “As a landowner, it is important for us to value the land – we rent it out to farmers, we develop plots for country houses and now we also invest in wind energy. The value of the land certainly does not fall from becoming an energy production land but rather increases the value of our property,” commented Jürgo Raid, Member of the Management Board of OÜ Traperii.