Sunly and Alseva sign agreement to construct a solar park in Latvia

Renewable energy producer Sunly and Alseva group have signed an agreement for the construction of a solar park in Barkava, Madona region.

Construction in Barkava is expected to start later this year, and the commissioning of the solar park with a capacity of 10.8 MW is planned for early 2024. The signing of the agreement is an important step for both parties involved, as it opens up new development prospects and strengthens the company’s role in the renewable energy sector in the region.

The Barkava solar park build is the first step in exploring foreign markets for Alseva group, and although they have been operating in Poland for almost 10 years, the Baltic market has been a strategic goal for the company. The contract with Sunly in Latvia will be the first Alseva project outside of Poland, which will take the business to an international level.

Last year, Sunly completed the total acquisition of Alseva group – one of the largest Polish solar power developers and constructor companies. At the same time, the previous owners of Alseva group acquired a shareholding in Sunly – a company developing both solar and wind projects in the Baltics and Poland.