Sunly Infra and Alseva Sp.z.o.o. have merged to form a new entity called Sunly Assets

As part of the recent merger, Sunly relocated some strategic functions like ESG and IT to Sunly headquarters. This move allows Sunly in Poland to focus on maximizing business value, while HQ will ensure the highest standards and best practices in IT, cybersecurity and ESG management. 

According to Sunly Poland country manager Marek Motyl, the Polish market presents many opportunities at the moment as new regulations support the transition from fossil fuels to green energy. He also emphasized the growing interest in storage solutions, which Sunly sees as an important part of the future renewable energy sector. “As we have built an extensive portfolio, we are in a phase of selling some of our assets or establishing joint-venture cooperation. We have had interest in various projects – from those in the development phase to ready-to-build ones. At the same time, we are also very much focused on developing our own projects in Poland,” added Motyl. 

Sunly in Poland combines construction business (EPC), asset operations (Sunly Asset), and solar and wind development (Sunly PRO). Motyl will continue as country manager while supervisory board members Priit Lepasepp, Lili Kirikal, and Erkki Kallas oversee Sunly’s business goals and operations in the Polish market and advise the company as needed.