Switch team members

Investing in Switch, the one-stop solution for EV charging networks

Sunly has decided to invest into an UK start-up, where Switch is building the software that makes the EV charging experience as easy and seamless as possible. The ultimate goal is that electric cars and their infrastructure would be as integrated into our world as the current old-fashioned transport is. 

It pushes the e-mobility industry forward by addressing the most common challenges of different stakeholders, starting from residential customers and finishing with power grid operators. It represents the new generation of charging capability and is leading the charge to new industry standards for interoperability. 

Currently the tremendously growing e-mobility sector is facing challenges that hinder the “switch” from traditional gasoline cars to electric cars. For example, in case of residential charging, it is expected that up to 40% of residential parking spaces will be charging EVs by 2030! This is a huge number, and of course, it needs a platform that would manage a fleet of millions charging stations in the most optimized way, delivering a strong revenue stream and adding capital value to the building… And this is where Switch enters the game! 

Sunly’s Innovation & ESG Lead Rasmus Udde says: “Investing in the smarter EV charging became evident when we understood how fragmented the existing solutions are and how many electric cars are coming. The Switch platform helps to turn the EV networks into the backbone of the electrified & connected world. From balancing the energy use to making charging as simple as possible. All while ensuring cybersecurity in the process.” 

It is worth mentioning, that apart from residential sector, it provides value bringing solutions also to workplace & fleet charging, charger manufacturers and public network. 

I wanted to witness the “switch” from pollutant gasoline cars to environmentally friendly EV cars as soon as possible. However, this would not happen on its own… That is the reason, why we decided to take matter into own hands and create a desired “switch” by developing a hassle-free EV charging software solution by ourselves,” states Marc Mültin, CEO of Switch

Switch intends to make things as clean and straightforward as possible, accelerating the switch to a greener world, protecting our planet. Sunly wants the same, and that’s why Switch became a startup nr. 16 in our portfolio of electrification startups