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How Sunly people use our startups products? 

Sunly is literally obsessed with everything innovative, green and sustainable. This fact is proven by our actions to find the best cleantech & electrification early-stage startups and help them to get off the ground. But did you know that Sunly is not only a great supporter but also a big loyal fan of its startups?! Learn firsthand what products and services Sunly people use. 

Our CFO, Lili Kirikal does not only take care of Sunly’s financial health, but also takes care of the environment. That’s why she is uses Gridio’s charger next to Sunly’s office to charge her Tesla car. She admits: “Gridio app was the first thing I downloaded when I decided to buy an electric car. I really liked the idea of an intelligent app, that automatically charges my car when electricity is not only the cheapest, but also the cleanest!” 

Gridio tracks the energy market in real time and, given that the hourly prices vary during the day, its algorithms select the best combination of hours for charging an electric vehicle.  

If you never tried it before, no worries, you will spend just 5 minutes of your time to setup the charging system for the first time. J All you need is to download the app, connect your car, and start to charge & save! The most exciting thing is that this solution helps you save up to 50% on electricity prices and reduce your CO2 footprint, since the charging happens on the moments when the renewable energy generation is in its peak! Wonderful, isn’t it?!  

By the way, Lili bought her Tesla from another Sunly’s startup Beast. 😊 

Why use traditional carsharing services, when you have a Beast?! That’s what Hanna Peeters, our Project Manager thought and took action. 

 “The summer is in full swing and discovering the beauty of Estonia with this Beast is so exciting. I just use the app to meet my Tesla and cruise into the sunset with zero problems on my mind,” states Hanna. 

Beast is a minute-based Tesla rental with no paperwork, no keys, just your phone. All you need is to download an app, pick a Tesla car, sign up and start driving!  

So, if you want to keep the world green, clean and beautiful while driving a cool Tesla car, choose Beast! 😉  

Last weekend our Communication Project Lead, Aleksandra Krivoglazova decided to ride an e-scooter for the first time in her life, and of course the choice fell on Tuul. She states: “It was a great experience and honestly, I did not even expect how simple the renting process can be! Tuul has a very user-friendly interface, good acceleration, comfortable design and is simply very cool and trendy. I give 5 stars, and I will use it more times!”. 

Tuul is the first and only electric scooter developed and manufactured in Estonia. Did you know that it is manufactured from 42% of recycled materials and uses 100 times less energy per km compared to a petrol car?! By the way: Tuul has a little sibling… the recently launched Äike T. The personal e-scooter, for people who love to take real ownership of their micromobility. See more here

Never tried before? Actually, it is very simple – you just need to download the Tuul app and start your ride! 🙂 

Triki, the adorable dog of our Development Lead loves warm floor. In the meanwhile, its owner, Siim Paist does not want to receive crazy electricity bills and leave a huge carbon footprint. That’s the reason why Siim uses a smart thermostat developed by Themo that checks the electricity price when heating his house. 

Siim says: “I like innovative solutions, so when I heard of Themo I did not think twice. Themo thermostat really allowed to obtain noticeable costs reductions. Definitely recommended!” 

Thanks to Themo intelligent consumption profile the client uses more renewable energy and pays up to an average 32% less to the electricity supplier! Check their products here

Our Community Leader, Mari Sepp does not only make our company a pleasant place to work in, but she is also concerned about the welfare of Sunly people and the carbon footprint left by our office. That´s why she decided that our office should have a good ventilation system that will provide fresh and warm air to the indoor rooms, while using renewable energy. 

Mari states: “I am happy to know that our office uses a ventilation system of a new generation, which considers both personal and environmental interests.” 

SolNavitas has developed a smart ventilation system that offers a better interior climate for the house at no additional cost. This is an autonomous supplemental heating and ventilation unit that operates with a solar panel that is placed outside on the wall of your house. 

Do you still have some doubts? Contact CEO of SolNavitasMargus Kullerkupp.  

So as you see, cleantech & electrification do not represent the technologies of future, they are already here, and ordinary people as you and me can use it on an everyday basis. It is competitive, affordable and sustainable. Let’s switch from traditional pollutant towards novel and green solutions. Let’s be cool and trendy at the same time!