Amperio – Sunly’s first non-Estonian startup investment

Sunly has announced its first direct investment into a non-Estonian electrification startup – Polish Amperio operating in Poland and Spain. Amperio offers a solution that connects people who want to install solar panels with installers who make it happen.  

Amperio originates from “ampere” – a measurement unit of electric current named after French mathematician André-Marie Ampère. The company was founded in December 2020 by Polish renewable energy enthusiasts and the team has an ambitious plan to expand to other EU markets, including Baltic States. Currently the focus lies on residential customer and considering that there are approximately 150 million houses across Europe – they have lots of work to do. 

High energy prices make people want to become net producers and install their own solar panels. However, without a technical background, how do you know how many panels you need, how much does it cost and which companies to trust. Amperio instantly answers these questions for people like me,” commented Rasmus Udde, Sunly’s Innovation Lead, why Sunly invested in Amperio

The company connects people who want to install solar panels with installers who make it happen. All you need, is just go to their website, insert you address and energy consumption… and voila! In a matter of minutes you get a free personalized report with unbiased information regarding optimized solar energy solution and an introduction to a selection of installers located nearby. There are many websites that help to find installers, but the main differentiating point here is that those companies just send leads, and do not give any further advice and assistance. But Amperio does! 

Amperio offers benefits also to the installers as its people come from an installation background and understand the needs, pains and problems when it comes to mounting a solar park. Amperio does not only provide the assistance and help the installation companies to grow, but also creates a healthy competition among them, by recommending the best installers to the end-customers.  

The co-founder of Amperio Krystian Zadura said, “What is important here, is that we have two sides of the business. One is focused on the end customer, and another one on the partner. And we want to deliver value. Quick, helpful, unbiased, and user-friendly information that helps the end-user to make a right choice. This is how we approach the market – it is not a simple match; it is a deep relationship. We want Amperio to be associated a place where people can find unbiased information on solar home solutions.”