Sunly secured 40 000 EUR funding to develop an artificial intelligence pilot project at Tehnopol’s AI workshop

The article was published by Tehnopol on 23th of January, 2024.

Seven companies, including Sunly, received funding for the development of their projects in an artificial intelligence workshop organized by the Science and Business park Tehnopol. Sunly received an investment of 40.000 euros to implement the battery management software pilot project. 

During the two-day workshop, 15 companies worked on their pilot projects, guided by experienced key mentors and AI experts. At the end of the workshop, project plans and results were presented to an expert panel, whose selected teams also received funding to implement the project. The expert panel included Andri Haran (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), Meelis Bergmann (Flir Systems Estonia), Kirke Maar (AI & Robotics Estonia), Veljo Konnimois (Radius Machining), and Juhan Madis Pukk (Flowit). 

Funding for pilot projects was also granted to Nordecon, Flowbase, Fractory Solutions, Estonian Cell, Soundfree, and Tammer

Sunly’s project received 40,000 euros to develop their project. Sander Ots, Sunly Retail’s product manager, stated that Sunly continuously invests in innovation. “The Tehnopol AI workshop allows us to quickly harness the capabilities of AI to solve complex problems. With the support of the project, we can collaborate with MindTitan to develop the first phase of battery management software, which determines the optimal moment for charging and discharging. This is an important step in establishing energy storage capacities for industrial enterprises, increasing the use of renewable energy in the entire Estonian power grid,” added Ots. 

Martin Goroško, Tehnopol’s business development manager, mentioned that Tehnopol has supported the introduction of AI in more than thirty companies within the AI development program. He expressed optimism about the growing interest of Estonian companies in adopting AI and highlighted the technical complexity and business impact as factors that set apart the selected seven projects in the competitive field. Goroško hopes that success stories emerging from this program will motivate other companies to participate in the AI development program, aligning with Tehnopol’s goal of supporting world-changing innovation. 

The workshop featured projects from AI Manuals, Best Welder, Coop Eesti Keskühistu, Estonian Cell, ETS NORD, Eziil Production Intelligence, Fractory Solutions, GPO, Hansab Group, Flowbase, Horeca Service, Nordecon, Soundfree, Sunly, and Tammer. 

Solutions were developed with the assistance of Commit, Envelope, Leanest, MINDTITAN, Processa Technologies, Solita, and STACC. 

The AI workshop and accelerator are part of Tehnopol’s AI development program initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The program consists of four workshops in 2023 and 2024, providing funding for AI development projects in companies.