Kai Art Center

Sunly City installs a solar park on the roof of Kai Art Center 

Sunly’s subsidiary Sunly City installs a solar park on the roof of the Kai Art Center with a total capacity of 36.26 kW. Considering the average daily electricity prices of the past 12 months, the solar park allows to save around €7,000 per year on grid and electricity fees. Already during the first hour of its operation in cloudy conditions, the solar park managed to produce 6.5 kWh of renewable electricity. 

Sunly City installed a total of 98 solar panels, which in addition to reducing electricity costs, also helps the building to avoid 12.3 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Noteworthy is that Kai Center did not need to invest in a solar park itself, instead it used the rental service provided by Sunly City

It is worth mentioning that Kai center is located in a century-old former secret submarine plant and is protected due to its cultural dignity. All installation works on the roof were performed without drilling a single hole. Thus, choosing the right materials, it is possible to install solar panels even on buildings being under state protection,” commented Taavi Velleste, the Sales Manager of Sunly City. 

A good example of the industrial architecture from the beginning of the 20th century, where today art and gastronomy enthusiasts come together, has now gone green, while preserving its characteristic shape. It all became possible thanks to good cooperation with the Heritage Protection Agency and Tallinn city officials. The installation of the solar park itself was the shortest part of the monthslong process – only 4 days,” commented Holger Kroon, the Project Manager. 

Kai Art Center is the cultural heart of the seaside Noblessner harbor complex – a fascinating mix of regional history, period-tinged architecture, and modern art and culture.