Solarstone celebrates installing its 500th solar roof

A roof that produces electricity! This idea was born in 2015 and already the following year the first Solarstone solar roof was installed. Now, in 2021 Solarstone celebrates installing its 500th solar roof.

Solar roof No. 500 belongs to a family from Central Estonia, with whom Solarstone had a longer conversation. The head of the family, Heikki, explained that they bought an old estate in the beginning of 2020. A few buildings from 1950 were standing and the initial plan was to renovate them. Soon, it was clear that the
condition is beyond repair. The family started planning a new house and calculating numbers. The vision was to create an economical, maintenance free and
comfortable home for retirement. The next few months were spent on scouting for solutions.

Daughter Keiu, who is an architect and designed her parent’s house, noted that the decision between renovation and building a new house took the longest.
Thus, when that was sorted out, the rest went smooth. The new house is architecturally significantly better, has a logical floor plan and is modern.

To have a care-free retirement, the family decided to install solar on the roof. On-roof solar was out of the question, hence Solarstone’s full roof solution seemed like the perfect fit. The panels cover the whole roof neatly, from edge to edge, which was one of the requirements of the architect-daughter, Keiu.
End case – 59 x 355 W panels with a peak output of 20.9 kWp.

Although the solar roof is ready, there is still much to do before the family can move in, according to wife Kaja. During fall and winter, heating system and
decoration will be in focus and in spring, landscaping and paving. The family is eager to move in and test the new solar energy solution.

Sunly is one of Solarstone’s investors. See more about the solar roof company at their website.