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Joint venture of Sunly and Scener offers balancing services in Poland 

A renewable energy producer Sunly together with Scener, a balance management company collaborating with Sunly since 2021, have together founded Polscen OÜ with a 33% and 67% shareholding, respectively. The objective of creating a joint venture is to offer energy balance management services in Poland.    

Starting from 2021, Scener acts as a mediator between a Power Exhange market and Sunly’s solar power plants located in Estonia, by selling all the generated energy directly to the Nord Pool market. The main goal of the recently founded joint venture is to provide in the future the same services also in the Polish market, using a subsidiary Polscen Sp. z o.o. which is 100% owned by Estonian holding company Polscen OÜ.  

Sunly’s presence in Poland helps Scener to enter a new market. “The idea of Polscen was born because we felt a need to do the things better and the best way is to do them by ourselves. So, in the beginning we plan to provide balance management services to Sunly’s solar parks and then smoothly expand our services beyond to other companies operating in Polish energy market,” states Kaido Veldemann, a CEO of Scener. 

Usually the energy producer and balance management company act separately from each other. The joint venture uniting both company’s resources enables more flexible tailor solutions and therefor be more innovative and competitive in the market.