Sunly’s co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Martin Kruus: “Our goal is to build a sustainable future through responsible business practices”

Sunly has published our Annual Report for 2023. In addition to our financial year highlights you can find there an interview with one of our founders and the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Martin Kruus. Sunly’s Annual report is available for reading here.  

How would you describe Sunly’s strengths?

One of Sunly’s key strengths is our commitment to being truly renewable, which we have maintained throughout the years and will continue to do so in the future. This long-standing dedication to sustainable practices has established Sunly as a reliable and forward-thinking player in the renewable energy sector. ​

We actively engage with communities, collaborating on various projects and initiatives. This community-driven approach sets Sunly apart, reflecting a genuine effort to work together with local communities for mutual benefit. ​ Our position is further strengthened by Sunly’s shareholder base, featuring recognized figures in the Estonian business community and an influx of new investors. Sunly’s ability to attract experienced partners, both locally and globally, shows our capacity to enhance operations with complementary know-how. ​All of the above is made possible thanks to our dedicated team, skilled in both solar and​ wind energy. ​

How do you see the market developing in​ the future?​

We have seen that the previous phase of renewable energy development involved supplementing existing energy sources with​ a small percentage of​ renewable energy, a practice that continues to this day. Innovation must occur in people’s minds, and we emphasize the importance of local energy resilience. It is essential to acknowledge that innovation extends beyond technological aspects, as it also involves social innovation. ​ ​

Our next step involves collaborating with local communities to shift the mindset from NIMBY to YIMBY. We aim to explore the benefits that local communities can derive from the green transition. Cooperation between the energy sector and local communities is crucial. Sunly is committed to developing a green energy-based economic model that brings tangible benefits. We aspire to create and implement such a model. ​

Can you comment on Sunly’s​ sustainability work?​

Our goal is to build a sustainable future through responsible business practices. We incorporate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) considerations into our core business model and strategic decision-making processes. This is how we develop renewable energy and large-scale energy storage projects and invest in electrification start-ups. Some of the most important focus areas for us are inclusive stakeholder engagement, comprehensive environmental management system, sustainable supply chain management​ with the focus on human rights in value chain, as well as ethics and transparency in our governance practices. We undertake projects with a focus on environmental care, ensuring that we contribute positively to climate goals with Sunly’s active involvement. ​