Our Team

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Priit Lepasepp

CEO & Founder

Martin Kruus


Kalle Kiigske


Lili Kirikal

Chief Financial Officer

Tadas Navickas

Managing Director of Sunly Infra UAB

Toms Naburgs

Managing Director of Sunly Infra SIA

Łukasz Frydrych

Operations Director of Sunly Infra Sp. z o.o.

Siim Paist

Development Lead

Tuuliki Kasonen

Marketing Lead & Project Manager

Mari Sepp

Community Leader

Justina Bucevičienė

Project Manager

Taavi Velleste

Sunly City Sales Lead

Marek Sakk

Sunly City Project Manager

Holger Kroon

Sunly City Project Manager

Klaus Pilar

Green Finance Manager

Kerstin Kütt

Legal Counsel

Uku-Kaarel Vorm

Financial Analyst

Anneli Eero

Chief Accountant

Veroonika Mardi


Laura Roomets


Andre Lindvest

Board Member of Sunly Startup


Legal Counsel

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