Sunly’s SW9 Offshore Wind Farm is planned with 10 wind turbines with a total capacity of 120 MW. The building area of each wind turbine is 500 m2, thus a total of 5000 m2. 

The foundations of the offshore wind turbines are located on the seabed with a depth of 30-36 meters. The choice of the foundation design will depend on the type of wind turbine chosen and the location of the wind turbines in the wind farm, as well as the conditions identified during the environmental impact assessment studies.

The total area of the wind farm is 22 km2.

The offshore wind farm is planned to be connected to the main grid either Sindi, through Sunly’s SW1, SW2, SW3 ja SW4 offshore wind farm connections or through the Baltic Offshore Grid. The exact details of the grid connection are yet to be designed.