Sunly looking for offshore wind farm possibilities with communities

by Tuuliki on March 19, 2020

Sunly Wind OÜ has applied for a superficies license to build four different offshore wind farms, that we would like to build with people who want to contribute into climate neutrality and Estonia’s transition to fully renewable energy.

Sunly Wind OÜ is part of the Sunly Group, created by the former employees and investors of Nelja Energia with the focus on investing in renewable energy and green technology in and around the Baltics. Sunly works closely with communities who contribute both their time and money to the development of renewable energy.

The reason we have launched a discussion about the possibility of constructing offshore wind farms in Estonia is because we believe this is the way to achieve a fully carbon-neutral economy. Referring to the positions of our Government, Estonia supports the establishment of climate neutrality, convinced that every euro we invest in combating climate change and new technologies will give us back much more in prosperity and quality of life. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure has said that the potential of using the Baltic Sea wind energy is becoming more important considering the goal of moving towards a carbon-neutral economy. To quote Mr Taavi Aas, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, the wind at sea is stronger and more even and offshore wind turbines are less disturbing to the environment around us.

The wind farms developed by Sunly Wind OÜ are located in North-West Estonia and consist of four separate offshore wind farms:

SW1 with 7 wind turbines (84 MW)

SW2 with 12 wind turbines (144 MW)

SW3 with 12 wind turbines (144 MW)

SW4 with 11 wind turbines (132 MW).

Offshore wind farms are planned from a minimum of 10.5 to 17.3 km to the nearest onshore point.

We are planning to use the most modern wind turbines in all four offshore wind farms. Currently it is a 12 MW wind turbine, but as wind power generation technology evolves very fast, the final wind turbine model will be selected during the design project from the ones available on the market at that time.

Sunly’s offshore wind farms are planned to be connected to the main grid either in Paldiski or Aulepa. The construction of offshore wind farms is very time-consuming and requires thorough investigation, which is why Sunly Wind OÜ has approached the state with a request to initiate the process of superficies license and the environmental impact assessment of the projects.