Sunly invests in solar panel producer Solarstone

by Tuuliki on August 15, 2019

Renewable energy company Sunly invests in the Estonian clean-tech start-up Solarstone, that produces building-integrated solar panels (BIPV) suitable for modern and traditional rooftops. Solarstone plans to enter foreign markets with the support of Sunly.

“Roof and solar panels can be the same thing. Also, the solar panel may fit well architecturally with the building. We have combined a very traditional tiled roof with modern solar panels to provide aesthetically appealing and efficient combination,” said Silver Aednik, the CEO of Solarstone. According to Aednik, the company has already supplied over 100 buildings with integrated solar systems in Estonia and is now ready to expand to foreign markets, with strong focus on Scandinavia and Germany.

“We want to contribute financially as well as with our knowledge and experience to help Estonian companies be a part of global green technology revolution,” Priit Lepasepp, the CEO of Sunly explained why the company has become a long-term strategic investor in Solarstone. “For us, Solarstone is an attractive investment opportunity, combining a dedicated team with an innovative clean-tech product that is ready to enter foreign markets.”

Solarstone has a mission of making BIPV solar panels as common building material as concrete or wood. The solar power sector is experiencing strong growth figures worldwide. The housing industry is open to new technologies and solutions that incorporate renewable energy production into building structures. Domestic developers, architects and homeowners who have undertaken roof renovation have already seized the opportunity to build a new roof and solar plant at the same time. Solarstone’s pilot projects have have been well-received in neighbouring countries bolstering confidence that same experience can be replicated outside Estonia.

Solarstone’s energy roof – modules are installed directly onto timber batten without any costly fittings or mounts.