Full energy transition needs a new paradigm!

by Tuuliki on June 2, 2021

It is said that the phrase “This is how we’ve always done it” contains the seven most expensive words in business. It can be also the case in energy, especially now when we arenavigating change from centralized fossil fuels’ power plants to distributed renewable energy close to consumers and everything that comes along with it – energy storage, electrification etc.

Green transition seems to be the word on everyone’s lips these days. Thanks to the renewable energy, electric vehicles and smart homes we are making a slow but determined shift in ways how we treat our planet. Simply put, things are changing and big time. This requires a lot of adaptation and new way of thinking where relying on any past behavior canprolong the transition, or even worse – waste recourses and money.

Sunly invests in Estonian clean-tech startups who are dedicated in making sustainability more than just a buzzword. Ubik Solutions is one of those companies and they are committed to develop a direct shortcut between the solar energy producers and consumers using direct current and leaving the AC out of the energy transition. Ubik Solutions offers a comprehensive solution for DC grid to enable fast, affordable, safe and reliable deployment of residential solar energy production while reaching the maximum energy harvest from PV panels.

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